Jacque Jones



For most people with their own side hustles (businesses) or for those wanting to start their own side hustle (business), tracking both their hustle and personal finances doesn’t sound interesting nor is it very easy for many. For me, helping people to grow financially is a passion of mine, now for over 30 years. 


As a divorcee and mother of two very successful daughters, one is in contract management with her MBA and the other a Doctor Dentist, my academic drive in gaining my MBA while they were young, was an example to them in pursuing their dreams both professional and financially.  Also for me to see college students make detrimental and uninformed financial decisions, spurred me to ensure financial awareness for my daughters during their middle and high school years, before they ventured on their own. During their early years in the 90s, I also had started my bookkeeping business, with them as my data entry clerks. Through the years I have had several businesses, continuing my desire for entrepreneurship and to provide service to others. 


About 6 years ago, in January 2016, before I medically retired from the federal government in 2018, I desired clarity for my pending retirement due to health concerns.  I also desired a way to continue being active in a homebased business, from knowing the tax reducing benefits. While I wanted to continue with my bookkeeping business, I honestly didn't look forward to handling the data entry functions.  


My desires and concerns were answered by being introduced to the myEcon, The Personal Financial Success Company in March 2016.  Their Cashflow Manager system help me 1st to get my personal finances straight along with guiding me to practically address my impending retirement concerns, and 2nd, it presented me the opportunity to use the Cashflow Manager system as the baseline business tool for my own Bookkeeping and Consulting business.  


With this Cashflow Manager business system, my interests in helping others succeed through my homebased business is allowing me the opportunity to help want-to-be small business owners to get started on sound financial footing, along with helping other small business owners to become better organized and financially strong in both their business and personal financial management - putting knowledge and control of their financial awareness in their "business owners" hands. Plus, its data entry free for me!