30 Most In-Demand Skills - What Ones Do You Have or Need?

A staff writer from reported that Coursera released their 2021 Industry Skills Report recently. In that report they call out 26 business skills in the business, technology, and data science domains. Essentially they grant that much of the future job creation will have digital and data ties. Therefore, now is the time to start accessing learning and training that can help you develop those skills. Developing the skills now will:

  • make you more well rounded / valuable in your current role

  • help you develop skills that can transfer into a different role

  • help you as you look to build your business to include more data and technological skills.

The speed of change is fast. Staying in front of it can seem impossible, but the ability to learn has also never been easier. LinkedIn Learning, Coursera and other learning platforms (along with resources like YouTube, etc.) give us all access to some amazing content.

SHO will also be introducing it's readers and constituents to platforms that democratize learning while also trying to help others share their wisdom to shorten the learning curve to success.

Knowing the trend doesn't mean that you have to learn what's happening in the minutia in order to stay competitive - YOU can't do EVERYTHING. But knowing what is happening should open your eyes to opportunities you might not have thought possible like finding new people who can help you get your digital marketing plan up and running smoothly, quickly and effectively OR finding people who can help you review what data you might be collecting or should be collecting to help you manage your business more efficiently in the future.

Sometimes we have to remember that the ideas are still important. Then finding the right people to complement our skills is critical in making sure the ideas take form. Good news is that more and more people are skilling up to help you take your ideas to new heights! And more people are open to working on the side as well - so you may get access to some amazing talent at a fraction of the overhead cost of employing when working in a side hustle or side gig market.

Here's a link to download the full Coursera report:

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