ALIBABA Reaching Out With More Small Business Tools And Services

Alibaba, the international behemoth built upon international sourcing that has expanded and grown into one of the most influential businesses on the planet announces new Small Business tools and services to help clients market themselves digitally to a wide audience. This article in Digital Commerce 360 by Mark Brohan illustrates the desire to help the little guy compete internationally with bigger players.

While running countless research interviews and survey engagements across industries for tradeshow organizers, one thing I always found fascinating was the perspective that a tradeshow allowed the smaller guy a chance to compete with the bigger players. Smaller businesses don't have the travel budgets to distribute their product on their own and often have a difficult time finding distribution partners willing to take a chance on their products. Many have gone to drop shipping and direct to consumer approaches to protect margins and grow their businesses. John Caplan,'s president of North America and Europe stated, “We are bringing big company solutions to the small guy”.

That said, selling on Amazon, and others allows them a chance to break into new markets, expand their base, etc. With Alibaba, they may be able to reach new markets previously thought untouchable. They will be providing new tools and research to help businesses and manufacturers source more effectively while helping to analyze better ways to sell their own products. As B2B digital sales and sourcing channels continue to grow at a great pace, one should be asking, am I using the right tools to manufacture and/or sell my stuff, and could I be doing what I am doing now, better?

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