Competitive Job Market - Don't Be Afraid to Ask

The job market across many industries has truly been an employee’s market with companies jockeying for limited talent. This has had some benefits like higher income, potential to secure higher paying jobs and companies looking to offer new benefits in addition to higher wages in order to woo top talent.

At the same time, many individuals have been waiting to find the right position but many employers at in industries that tend to pay less (restaurants and service jobs for example) have found it very difficult to find talent to fill those empty positions.

News reports can be divided in their opinions on the veracity of the US Job Market.

CNN says its on fire but may not feel like it:

Job market getting ready to slow down according to Business Insider:


LinkedIn’s Greg Lewis had a nice blog post about the most in-demand jobs year on year and overall back in February. Here’s a link to that article:

Some key takeaways -

  • hospitality back in hiring mode and trying to staff up quick. But there could also be opportunities in the interim for cleaning companies and those who want to remain self-employed as cleaners. Looking to fill some hours? Perhaps you should hit up local hotels and ask them if they need any cleaning help in the short term where they could hire your cleaning company. It also represents an opportunity for someone currently employed at a hotel or other venue to negotiate a pay increase. Can't get a little bump, then there are plenty of opportunities to jump ship and negotiate better terms. Note to employers - reward the employees you want to keep with something...don't take them for granted.

  • Similarly, food service is hiring up. Traditionally lower pay, but short term, this represents a great side hustle to earn a little extra while looking for places that might pay a bit more. And if you’re already a talented food service worker, maybe it’s time to ask for a little extra and/or consider opportunities elsewhere that might pay more. Consider an average work week, $2 an hour for 20-40 hours is $40-$80 a week [that’s about $173 - $347 a month - car insurance payment / food bills].

  • Traditional high demand jobs remain pretty consistent over time. There’s a lot of tech / developer / analyst jobs out there. Nurses and driver’s are also sought after. If the demand is there, it might be worth looking at what you might be interested in and what kinds of training might be needed to get there. For driver’s that can range a lot of options, but tractor trailer operators are definitely a hot commodity, BUT operating big vehicles does need proper licensing and training to qualify for the higher paying gigs. Nursing as a career is also a steady and high paying profession. We’re human and we will always need people trained to take care of us when we’re injured or sick.

At any rate - hopefully you might be able to see that you are in a market that allows you to try and bring your income up - either by negotiating better pay where you are, or looking for better options where you might want to go. Also, there are plenty of well paying side opportunities out there. One piece of advice I always remember, even if I am too chicken to follow it myself, “if you don’t ask you won’t get.”

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