One Groups Predictions for Top Side Hustles in 2021

According to TNJ back in October 2020- here's 10 side hustles they predicted would be big in 2021. Depending on what your assets are (sweat, property, skills, etc.), one or more of these might be right up your alley!

  1. Airbnb - property rental

  2. Delivery

  3. Online tutoring and teaching

  4. Selling online courses

  5. Creating and selling digital products

  6. Virtual assistant

  7. Virtual fitness trainer

  8. Blogging

  9. Creating a YouTube channel

  10. Starting a podcast

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I think most of these aged well, but certainly some of these are easier said than done when trying to monetize. Stay in touch with us to learn some valuable lessons on monetizing your talents and reaching new customers digitally!

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