Top 50 Startups to Watch

5th annual LinkedIn Top 50 Startups List has been released and reported by Laura Lorenzetti, Ashley Peterson, Juliette Faraut, Ali McPherson. It's a great list of companies that are building their brands who have been around at least for a heartbeat (7 or less years), have 50 employees or less and are based in the US.

Business Services or software to help businesses run more efficiently, Fintech and Health / Healthcare companies had the highest overall presence in the list. From a side hustle perspective this is good news. If more companies are building products and services to help us compete on more even terms with larger more well funded companies - Great.

Cameo is perhaps more of a social media or communications company, but it also democratizes access to celebrities who are willing to provide "affordable" rates to send messages to people, but in some cases they are also willing to provide some positive messages to a business. In the past you may have had to search for an agent, to try and contact a celebrity, but now you can potentially reach out directly at an established price.

Also, for things like banking, expense tracking etc., there are many more products that are helping many of us who are not the best at tracking the everyday expenses, etc. And tech platforms like Canva also help democratize graphic design. It doesn't replace a good graphic designer who can do some amazing things on little or no description, but now you don't have to have a lifetime of experience in AI, or photoshop to create some nice looking marketing collateral in tight timeframes.

Freelance websites like FIVERR and others also give many small businesses access to good quality work at lower prices.

Canva, Fiverr and others are now more established, but peruse the list contained in LinkedIn's report to see the types of companies being highlighted in the list. What do you think? Some upstarts that should have been there? Yours maybe? Some tech that is gamechanging that you know about but is not called out here? Let us know - we'd love to promote you!

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