What's Your Hustle: Austin James

This week we’re highlighting Austin James, ASBC®, a consultant, strategist and coach for small business owners. He helps them get “unstuck” and back on the path to growth.

If you’re like many side hustle entrepreneurs or small business owners, you know that the path to enough growth to keep the lights on and make enough to be comfortable takes time AND grit. The bottoms can be long and wearisome, and the highs are sometimes horizonless plateaus where we start to think, “I know I can do better.” 

Austin takes his life experience, knowledge of marketing tactics and strategies and general positive outlook to help his customers evaluate their strengths that they can leverage in different ways to drive customer acquisition and increase revenue.

His real life example given in this interview of his paralegal client illustrates this perfectly. The impact of bringing someone in like Austin is felt in many ways, but if he helps you build your small business, it means your life improves, and if you get to hire for open positions to support growth, then you’re improving the lives of others too!

Take some time to hear what he has done and see if you can learn a little from some of the things he shares about his hustle. 

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Austin James, ASBC®

Helping Small Businesses Get “Unstuck” through No-Fluff Consulting

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