What's Your Hustle: Gerneil Lorne

Great conversation with a friend, teammate, and businessman Gerneil “Jigsy” Lorne. Some things you’ll want to take away from this:

* Be flexible to change

* Be willing to branch out

* Create trust and opportunities will follow

* Think generationally

* Change your mindset - realistic goals are too limiting - be Audacious!

Honestly - If you are looking for a life coach? You might want to give Gerneil a call...his mindset portion of this interview was really amazing and his approach to learning should help us all reflect on the importance of getting ourselves in front of learning experiences / education everywhere. With experience comes wisdom, and what you do with that wisdom depends on you.

Link to Video:

For more information about Jigsy’s work, feel free to visit him on:

If you run soccer leagues and teams, you may want to reach out to him to pick his brain or even bring his system to your soccer ecosystem. And if you’ve wanted to get into investing in real estate, Next Level Management Group might be a good place to start.

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